Personal Touches to Decorate your Home

Personal Touches to Decorate your Home

22 October 2015

Welcoming friends and family into your home is something that can make us all become suddenly, very house-proud. But what we really want is for those ‘Ohh’s and Ahh’s’ to be genuine fascination with the pieces we’ve collected, and lusting over our ability to be so on point with individuality.

interiorsThe current fashion for interior design is a mix of a clean, fresh backdrop, that’s warmed up by using vintage, reclaimed and un-conventional décor. This may seem intimidating to a young home owner, or someone trying to re-decorate, to put more of a stamp on their home. It can actually be hugely exciting! Start with your staple furniture pieces, choose high quality, which you are absolutely in love with. Getting the look right won’t rely too heavily on your essential furniture – but so often a couple will ‘Buy for Life’, meaning these are the last items to ever be replaced in your home. If at this point you can’t find exactly what your vision entails, then we suggest finding an inexpensive alternative until you find the perfect bed, table or wardrobe. Search online forums where people are practically giving furniture away in order to have it gone quickly.


Having bare walls, clear surfaces and empty corners should inspire you to the ways you can fill them. When entering a home that is bursting with exotic and fascinating objects, you paint a mental picture of the person who lives there. Remember this when you are finding material’s for yourself – does it really suit your personality and convey your individuality? Is it just a trend that you will outgrow in a couple of years?

The best way to ensure your building a world of character which suits you, is to begin with your own history. A little ornament that reminds you of your Grandmother, or a painting that evokes feelings of your childhood. This is perhaps the reason why Tiffany Jayne does well selling her Apple Box benches, and stools,  as they offer a touch of British country-side to any room, reminding us of the long summers playing outside. Her fabric options are custom to order, offering the choice of a design that feels right for you.

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The most important thing to remember in this process is that it takes time. Trying to fill a house with meaningful items from the start-line is near enough impossible. The point of your art, trinkets and textiles is how they tell a story. After a few years your home can be filled with a collection of memories of your life, and hopefully with a tale of their own before it found a place in yours!

“In the old pieces of furniture almost as in the old paintings, dwells the charm of the past, of the faded which becomes stronger in a man when he reaches an advanced age.”

― Adalbert Stifter, Indian Summer

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