How To Buy The Perfect Gift!

How To Buy The Perfect Gift!

23 November 2015

The most wonderful time of the year can feel somewhat daunting when there’s a long list of presents to buy and no hint of which direction to go!


pinterest_example_of_boardA really good idea that strikes men all around the country at about this time…’Why don’t I look at her Pinterest boards!’. The female-dominated social media holds great power when buying for the person who has everything. Despite most pinning being unrestrained by price, availability or actual relevance (it’s basically our hopes & dreams..) – it is a great way to grasp the style and taste of that person.


What’s best about this way of understanding possible gifts? They can have absolutely no idea you’ve had a snoop and that something on their dream boards will actually materialise on Christmas day! 


Once you’ve got a handle on the style they like, we would love to give the advice ‘Think outside the box’…but have you thought about THE BOX?

Christmas box

Our suggestion for what to buy the person who has everything – something unique like a bespoke piece of furniture. The gadgets you could buy will end up never getting unpacked (like the ice-cream maker someone thought would be a great idea!) and it’s always nice to give a present that’s not a gift coupon. You don’t want your gift to be the anti-climax of the day for them. Our re-purposed apple boxes create a ‘WOW’ moment on Christmas morning, and every time they glance at or use it they will remember the time and thought that went into choosing such a personal gift.


HINT: A beautiful way to display gifts on Christmas day is to have them tumbling out of the stool box, and tying a big red ribbon around it!DSC_3188

Don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking a perfect gift is a kitchen utensil or kooky, retro game, just because you know they definitely won’t already have that! Gifting isn’t always a case of filling a hole, think about making something better! Buying a reclaimed, real oak table lamp will make somebody gush with appreciation. Having a beautiful piece of furniture in a home, that can be used and loved goes way beyond the simple use of a lamp.


The best part about these gifts from your perspective? They’ll last a lifetime. These reclaimed materials are the best quality wood at an affordable price. Your gift will be a glowing memory of the year somebody finally got it right! Because, remember – even for the person who has everything, receiving a great gift is still really important to them.

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