Where it all began…

Where it all began…

09 November 2015

Sourcing materials from local businesses, Tiffany Jayne was born from creativity and a determination to repurpose un-used materials to build bespoke pieces of furniture. Like one of the most significant realisations in history – it all began with a falling apple and a tree!


Farmers and Fruit Pickers are kept busy this Autumn, with the bountiful harvest Norfolk has produced. It’s a nostalgic time of year for the business, watching apple boxes brimming with Pink Lady’s, Cox’s and Bramley’s being transported across the country. Traditionally these apple boxes were made of soft wood, hammered together, and secured with wire. The beauty in the simplicity of this way of farming has been transcended to the furniture Tiffany Jayne builds today.



Norfolk born and bred, our designer descends from a fruit farming family. Without a doubt, finding a different purpose for unused apple boxes is not a new concept for this generation. The morale of ‘making do and mend’ runs deep in the family, turning her trade to crafting early in life. Creating a portfolio of salvaged materials, originally using her own family apple boxes, together with modern textiles has placed this maker and designer in the centre of a niche market.


Tackling salvage yards in Norfolk allows Tiffany to discover abandoned, solid oak beams and saves them from laying to rot. She cuts great chunks from these beams and organises them into usable sized pieces, big enough still to shape them perfectly in the workshop. From this comes a process of a lot of sanding, polishing and final treatments to make sure they last even longer. Theses unique and handcrafted lamp bases are prepared with care and attention to detail – which makes them seem even more beautiful. To top them off, the equally rustic, handmade lampshades mean that they can suit any home’s interior.


The idea behind one of Tiffany Jayne’s Apple Boxes or Table lamps is to bring a novel touch of the British country-side inside any home, and create an original and charismatic feeling. It is a way of escaping the monotony of mass-produced furniture that lack a story or provoke any nostalgia. Taking a tour inside the designers own home follows a narrative from personal memories and inspirations. A piece of her handmade furniture is a way to preserve and pass on the culture of this family to further generations.

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