Turning my up cycling ideas into a business.

Turning my up cycling ideas into a business.

23 February 2016

The ideas behind the business….

OK, I have decided that I need to start writing my own Blogs…. Good choice or not…. I am not sure, but my business is part of me and therefore, I really should be the one to let you in on all that is Tiffany Jayne.


imageSo….This is me Tiffany Jayne Read, I am 41, married to Spud (real name James) and we have two children, Millie 9, and Jacob 7.  We live in Norfolk in a “One day its going to be beautiful house!”  For now its a building site, and has been for the last 10 years, as well as my workshop, pack house, and giant storage container, all of which is a result of my ever growing business!!






So in 2011 I had a desperate urge to learn something new, be creative, and also to escape the house, and my children!  Both of which I adore, don’t get me wrong… But everyone needs a break, and some ME time when you have small people, who need your undivided attention 24/7!!   So I started an upholstery course in Norwich one evening a week, I loved it, my first project was this chair.  I totally stripped it back to the wooden frame and then proceeded to build it back up with the skills I had learned!  My love of upholstery had begun.



Over the next year my experience grew, and in the evening, at home when the children had gone to bed I would play about with ideas.  My Dad was a fruit grower in Norfolk, and had a few old apple boxes that he had given me, living in a building site, I was desperate for more storage.  Looking at these boxes and the patina and history behind them I thought how brilliant they would be as a stool. So combining a bit of family history, with my newly acquired skill, came the apple box storage stool.



Now our beautiful rustic table lamps started with a raised bed in the garden! We had brought some old sleepers and were building this flower bed, one of the sleepers was too long so we cut a lump off. I kept admiring the piece, wondering what I could do with it, my husband is a carpenter, so with a little bit of help, the simple chunk of wood became a stunning table lamp.



Both of these ideas, were just ideas, and one off pieces I made for our home, but after lots of “Oh that’s nice, where did you get that from?  I started to think about whether I could make lots and sell them.

 I did, I could and I have!!! 

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