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Tiffany Jayne Designs

Tips on surviving home schooling, and how our apple crate storage can help!

Tips on surviving home schooling, and how our apple crate storage can help!

Hello! Hi! Heya!,

Welcome to our new Tiffany Jayne Designs blog where we will discuss all things home, general chatter and how you can incorporate our fabulous apple crate storage and bespoke furnishings into your lives!


HOME SCHOOLING! Where do I begin… it’s been a journey!

Many of us have gone from 0-100, from helping out a little with homework, to teaching assistant, dinner lady, break-time assistant and Mum/Dad in the space of no time at all. I don’t know about you, but this has been a bit of a shock to the system! Thankfully, it’s now all becoming slightly more normal and I have had a chance to think about what has worked and what hasn’t. I’m sure many of us started with Joe Wicks every day and trying not to let the kids stay in their PJs but now I feel we are all just surviving and if that means the kids stay in their PJs on the odd day then so be it, everything in moderation. However, with that being said I have compiled a few tips of how to survive more easily in this STRANGE time in the hope that it helps some of you, after all we’re all in this mess together!


  1. Start at the same time each day- I know it can be incredibly hard sometimes to get everyone out of their PJ’s before 10am but, by adding a routine it keeps some normality in this CRAZY world and can help productivity massively.
  1. Use/ create different spaces for different activities - Slumping over the same desk all day everyday can be repetitive and can make you feel sluggish. So, introducing new, snazzy spaces for different subjects and breaks, can be a really fun way to break up the day.
  1. Structure your day like a school day- By having a set time for lunch, breaks and lessons it really helps with powering on through and helps to retain some normality for your child.
  1.  Write a plan with your kids- Getting your kids to help schedule out the day means A LOT fewer arguments and helps them just crack on.
  1.  EXERCISE- My number one tip is to GET OUTSIDE! However rainy and miserable the weather maybe it is worth it and I assure you will feel a 1000,000,000 times better and ready to battle the next zoom call.
  1.  Finish at the same time- having that set 3:30pm goal works wonders.
  1.  Introduce a bit of NEW into your workspace- Only with Tiffany Jayne Designs products, OF COURSE ;) There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to spark some motivation and excitement within the house!


 8. Pinterest- If your still hungry for more tips, have a look on our Pinterest               @tiffanyjayn0267 we have a sole board dedicated to home-schooling with innovative ideas on how to make learning FUN.

And lastly…

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself- Were in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! If your child misses a deadline or the odd lesson, it’s not the end of the world. Were all doing the best we can. So, don’t stress if you have a few extra glasses of Vino or that Dairy Milk bar on a Friday night, YOU DESERVE IT! (If you managed dry Jan this year HOW?! Hats off, but HOW?)

Since we are spending SOO much time at home, treating yourselves and adding something NEW, can really help to lift your spirits. Our breakfast bar stools are perfect for home-schooling, with good lighting (an ESSENTIAL in a workspace) these can boost you up to new levels. They are completely personalisable (made up word) which can provide a real excitement for your child to have his or her name on the stool (not quite Hollywood Boulevard, but close!). Sharing doesn’t often come easily to children, so by having one stool each, with their name and chosen fabric, means no more arguments over who sits where, and they will be excited to get learning!


The stools have GLORIOUS amounts of storage so they can each put their books, iPad, water bottles, pencil cases etc. inside, and you never know, they might even enjoy tidying everything away at the end of the day (now that really would be a shock to the system!). And when/if we ever return to normal, they are great for all things toys and toot! Another great home-schooling addition is our storage benches, which have double the amount of storage, look fab, are incredibly comfortable and could easily fit two little tots on.


Furthermore, if you really want to bring school to your home, why not give them their own pegs in the fabric of their choice. I have to say a little more stylish than the average school pegs! Lastly don’t forget about our ottomans great for plonking the kids in front of the TV at the end of the day and there’s enough storage to hold all their needs that you won’t be disturbed for a while.

For the parents, we have our foot stools, perfect for a secret stash of wine, choccy’s and salty snacks, so you don’t even have to leave your seat when you’re midway through Bridgeton! ;)


I hope your all keeping safe and well.  Don’t miss next month’s blog “PIMPING you boot room”, cant wait!

Ps. If you have any q’s or want to chat home-schooling leave a comment below or DM me on insta.

Good byeeee and take care x











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